School Policies

Anaphylaxis Policy

Assessment and Reporting Policy

Asthma Policy

Attendance Policy 2023-2026

Bus Code of Conduct

Camps and Excursions Policy

Cash Handling Policy

Chemical Management Policy

Communication of School Policies Procedures and Schedule Policy

Complaints Policy 2023-2025

Criminal Records Check Policy

Curriculum Policy and Procedures

Cyber Bullying Policy

Discipline Policy

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Duty of Care Policy 2023-2026

Electronic Funds Management Policy

Emergency Management and Evacuation Policy

English as an Additional Language or Dialect Policy

Enrolment Policy 2023-2026

First Aid Policy

Fraud and Corruption Policy

Financial Help for Families Policy

Fundraising Policy

Harassment Policy

Homework Policy and Procedures

Interstate and Overseas Trips Policy

Medical Conditions Policy

Medication Authority Form

Medication Policy

Mobile Phones Policy 2023-2026

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Onsite Supervision of Students Policy

Parent Payment Policy

Photographing, Filming and Recording Students Policy

Privacy Policy

Professional Development Policy

Records Filing Policy

Recruitment Practices

Refund Policy

School Purchasing Card Policy

Staff Induction Policy

Student Driver Policy

Student Engagement and Inclusion Policy

Student Hygeine Policy

Student Sponsorship Policy

Student Uniform and Dress Code Policy

Sunsmart Policy

Teaching and Learning Policy

Tree Policy and Pruning Schedule

Video and Digital Media Policy

Volunteers Policy 2023-2025

Working with Children Check Policy and Procedures

Yard Duty and Supervision Policy 2023-2024